Is there something that limits the synthesizer from having each oscillator have their own FX bus?

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I don’t think so, but you can set the filter settings to Direct Out to bypass all the FX

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@SlavaCat That is true, but that’s leaving the other designs without the finesse you gave of the first one.

Currently as the software is - no.

If this can be changed or is limited by design deep down in the code - Matt might be able to answer.

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That’s just a limitation of the architecture.

I’ve been thinking of having effect “lanes” in the future but it would take a little reworking. There have been a lot of requests in the effects area (multiple instances, routing to specific effects, gain staging, etc) and I think I’ll need to do these all at once to figure out how to make it as simple as possible without just tacking on features and making Vital harder to use.

Anyway, this is not first on my feature TODO list but it’s on there.


i can’t wait to see what you can do man!:black_heart:

I like the architecture as it is. If I had one request it would be to give Vital an Effects Bypass switch on the top of the UI right next to effects.


THIS IS GREAT. And if somehow we could use our own vst plugins in these lanes would be phenomenal. Maybe multi outputs in DAW from fx lanes.

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Yeah, that’s one of the things I miss and keep looking for until I have to accept that I can’t bypass all FX 's with one click.

You could have a “Filter out” element in the FX section that one could slide up and down to select how far back in the chain they’re placed - possible with an option to send the FX above directly to ‘out’, breaking the chain up in multiple parts. That would give most of the “multiple lanes” advantages, without dramatically changing the existing design