Is there any documentation?

Hello, Im a new user and I know very little on sound synthesis, I just saw some youtube video on the subject, then I found this incredible virtual synth. (I want to learn how to make synth music, and Im starting from nothing with the best free tools I can found, like LMMS and Vital)
I was just wondering if there was some documentation on how to use vital. I guess a lot of thing to know are generic knowledge that can be reused across synths.
But while testing Vital I was just asking myself how the envelopes are assigned to what by default.
The logic is that the first env would be assigned to the level of the first oscillator, but this is not indicated on the env side, despite having a system allowing connexions to whatever you want and showing it.
So you can by example connect the first env to the level of the first osc, visualizing the relation in the ui of the env, hear the effect, then remove the connexion by right click-> remove, and it still by default connected to the level of the osc ? And so you hear no difference ?
And so what about the second and third env ? Are they connected to somenthing by default ?

Please enlight me on this :slight_smile:

There’s no official manual for vital (yet) but there are a few that have been made by the community, and there are some pretty extensive videos on pretty much every aspect of vital as well.

As for the envelope, it is hardcoded to the global volume of the synth. There’s no way to change this link as far as i know.

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Another manual (again, not from the developer)

So Env1 is hard coded to the amplitude of oscillators and sampler player.
However, you can modulate the level of the sound sources with other modulators (i.e. envelopes, lfos, etc.)
You may need to set Env1 in a way so it works in concert with your other amp modulations.

thanks I appreciate, I was in fact actually digging into this youtube channel, amazing content.

Hi Nigel, welcome to the Vital community!

In short, about the envelopes in particular:
The first one is originally called amp envelope. and it is where you setup how the volume of the oscillators (the sound makers) is shaped. You needn’t connect it to the volume manually. It is connected to all 4 oscillators by default.
Additionally, you can use the same envelope to modulate other controls.

There are 2 more envelopes in the scene that aren’t assigned to anything by default. You can use them however you want. Once you exhaust them, extra envelopes start appearing automatically for you.
So there can be max of 6 envelopes, with 3 seen, and others that show up as you use the 3 up.

Hope my explanation about envelopes satisfied your doubts. As others suggested there are amazing tutorials available out there!

Yeah you are absolutely right here!

very usefull, thanks a lot