Is there any chance Vital might be available in Rack Extension format?

Hey guys - I am Cap10NRG (or Jim in real life) of “Cap10NRG Music” on YouTube. I have been asked by member of my community whether you would consider releasing VITAL as a rack-extension. I am personally not 100% that would be possible, bit my real job is development - and I guess my other question might be, is this open source? I am asking because maybe I could look at it and contribute, or get some other folks to contribute to get this to the rack-extension platform, and you could still make money selling patches and service as you do. Please let me know if any of this is of interest to you.

Thank you!


no open source (i´m 99.999% sure)

and i guess right now there is no time for rack format.
Is there a similar synth that has this possibility? Don´t know much about rack stuff.

In theory you can email the author and require the source code, since the deb package of vital DO actually has the copyright file says that vital is released under the GPL license.

for linux user, simply run

$ cat /usr/share/doc/vital/copyright

to see the license

after getting the source code, you can modify and recompile it to support Rack Extension format, and share it if you want.

Anyway, respect the hard work of the author.

That is strange, esp. as it references a git-hub page that does not exist. Maybe Matt intended to release it as open source, but did not in the end?

I am not sure if there is anything left GPL in there, but the copyright document clearly states that it is …

@Tyrel can you let us know what your thoughts on this are? Leftover, or really releasing it as OpenSource (GPLed)?

Reason has VSTi support. Don’t see much point in making a Rack Extension version.

I read that Vital recently went Open Source!! But I’m not sure about the rules and legalities binding it…

Here’s the post where I read it:-

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The license isn’t compatible with the rack extension sdk.

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Hey Tytel! Thanks for replying.
So that means that we cannot use the source code to make any extension for VCV Rack, I guess?

Another question… I know this might be a dumb one… Can we use parts of the code to create plugins for personal use without having to pay?

Sorry for the delay in response. Yes Reason DOES support VST, however if you want to use Reason as a plugin, you cannot use VSTs in it’s Rack while you are using it in another DAW. Basically - it would allow users of other DAWS to build racks that encompass vital as part of it, like several of Rob Papen’s VSTs.

Just a thought.