Is there a way to save presets with no audio data inside

Hello! I found some inconvenience when using large audio samples in Vital. The content of these samples is being stored in Vital presets and in Vital plugin state information inside the DAW (thus making the project files sometimes x100 larger then their normal size). Is there a way to store them as a links, not as a part of the plugin’s data ‘body’?

Thank you!


Indeed, I think it’s a bad idea to saving WAV files in the project. This means that we have on HDD two versions for the same file, in the Wavetable folder and in the project. Especially since the VST data chunk format is bigger than WAV.

If the wave is changed in the OSC, it’s better to save it in the Wavetable folder and make a link in the project.

WAV saving in preset cannot be avoided.

You’ve already got a thread open for this issue. There is no need to dig up a two year old thread to go on about it.

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