Is there a mixer hidden somewhere?

Absolutely love this synth, making all kinds of weird noises with it. Slowly working out a lot of interesting workflows, mostly by utterly repurposing the effects to do different things…

But. Is there a way to balance the inputs and outputs of the two main filters?

On inputs I can either send an Osc to a filter or not, but I can’t seem send it to two different filters at different levels. Is there a way to send it to e.g. Filter One at 70% volume and Filter Two at 30%?
On outputs, how would I have a sound that’s mostly Filter One, but Filter Two modulates in occasionally? I’ve worked round this by setting up modulation just to turn Filter Two into a fully closed High Pass when I don’t want it, but hoping there’s an easier way.

Sorry if I’m being dumb and missing something, but this seems like fairly basic functionality I’m used to in most synths.


Hi @magnus.

AFAIK, what you’ve described isn’t possible at the moment in Vital.

There are some potential workarounds beyond what you’ve described, e.g. if you have spare oscillator you could duplicate the sound you want to filter and modulate the levels of each.

You can also use “mix” on the filter to modulate the filter effect, and you can manipulate the wavetable amplitude and timbre via different spectral and distort tools. There are probably many others (perhaps others will comment).

Perhaps re-post as a brief note in the “feature request” section of the forum.

Vitals excels in some areas, so another way to approach patch design is to exploit what it does do at the moment.

I think additional controls over levels is good idea btw.

All the best.