Is there a manual installation of the free presets?

Hi, I just to say thanks for making this synth available to the masses.

I, like quite a few others seem to be having issues logging in to this synth and/or downloading the initial presets.

I went through all the threads here looking for a solution, but nothing has worked so far. I’m on Win 10 with 8 gig ram. The actual installation went smoothly, but the problem remains with logging in and getting the initial presets.

I tried it on two different computers, with two different addresses and two different accounts just to see if any of the those two worked. It doesn’t. One, I can’t log in at all, the other one finally managed to log in, but refuses to download the initial presets.

This synth is basically unusable without that initial preset because it only has one waveform (the saw) and nothing else.

I tried a few presets some user shared on here, they loaded up, but nothing that wasn’t programmed in those shared presets were available.

I deleted the folder, the config, logged on as administrator, did a complete wipe, cleared the registry, redownloaded the latest version, and still the problem persists. I even did the not recommended thing of stopping my firewall. Commodo firewall. Listed the synth as safe and with full network privileges, still, no ice. :frowning:

Is there any other options available?

It is recommend to run the standalone version of Vital with Admin/Root/sudo priviliges instead of the VST first. Alsm are you on the latest version? 1.0.3; There were some issues when it came to MacOS content but maybe it also fixed some issues for Windows!

Yes, I tried all of that. On the latest version too. I went through this forum for a solution before asking for help.

I’m very sorry to hear that! We are aware of some users still running into content downloading issues and are trying our best to get things resolved as quickly as possible

Thanks for your help and all that you and your team do. Not sure if you’re in the U.S., but Happy Thanksgiving to you all.