Is there a Hold button?

Many synths have hold buttons, I use them a lot and would like to do the same in Vital. Any ideas? I don’t want to modify sustains and releases on each oscillator.


Is this what you’re looking for?

A button to hold down a note / chord whilst you do other things? No.
See - New user, HOLD note button for a tip

Thank you both!!

Quite a few synths have a Hold (also called Latch) function for their Arpeggiators.

If you have a midi controller keyboard it’s a very useful and fun feature.


What happens if you play an Am triad and then a Gm triad with the hold button activated? Do you get all 6 notes at once? Or does it somehow detect that you played one chord, and then played another,.so it replaces the Am with the Gm?

“if the arpeggiator has a ‘latch’ function activated, just hit the chord once, and the pattern will continue to play until another note, or chord is hit.”

So there must be a heuristic that says “these three notes were hit close enough together to be treated as a single chord” (since you probably can’t actually play all the notes of a chord at exactly the same time - a millisecond or two might separate the notes of the chord). Then when you hit the second chord, enough time has elapsed that it sees those notes as a distinct chord, and unlatches the first chord.

Interesting. I could see where that would be useful. I was thinking that there should be a max for live device for this (for Ableton Live users, of course). And sure enough:.

Actually, it appears that there are a lot of such devices. It would take some time to figure out which one is best.

There are quite a few Arp plugins. Here’s a free one that has Latch so you can try it out for yourself. Of course you’ll need a midi controller keyboard to get the most out of it:

Arguably the best (free) arp:


Hey all, thanks for all the comments! I was hoping to find a hold button within Vital. I did find the hold knob but it didn’t do what hold buttons do on my synths/arps/sequencer.

Thanks again!

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maybe Matt if you’re reading this, could there be a shift+click to hold notes on the virtual keyboard that’s in the plugin or something?

It might bring a lot more drone and ambient evolving patch folks into Vital. I will use that feature quite often if it exists. But for now, 3rd party software does the job but since Vital has a standalone I’d rather just use one program if possible.

i know there are some workarounds… but any news about this feature update? its such a simple thing to implement and it would make all the difference for all of us that make ambient music =)