Is there a better way to import banks?

Hello Community.
So I tried to import 3rd party presets banks, and noticed the click on those has high probability to make vital crash.
Not always, but like 1 time out of five. I’m trying a preset, sounds fine. Another one, sounds fine. another one, bam, a serious problem has occured, ableton will shut down…

Anyone has a magic way to import banks?

Thanks in advance,


I’ve never had a problem importing banks - but I think I always do it running outside of the DAW, i.e. running Vital as a standalone app. Have you tried that?

No. I will try that.
I will have to install vital again I suppose, since I didn’t install the standalone version. :slight_smile:

On my Mac the vital installer gave me it automatically I’m sure (although it’s been a while since the last release).

Reinstalling shouldn’t be a problem (if you have to) but back up your vital folder just in case :wink:

This is the weirdest thing. The vital standalone won’t run, I have an error message: LoadLibrary failed with error message :126 Le module specifié est introuvable (the specified module can’t be found)

Plus I didn’t really have to backup anything, I’m just trying right now. But a presets I tweaked and saved was still here after I uninstalled and reinstalled. (In ableton live it works fine)