Is the Free version limited to versions < 1.1?

Currently 1.5 is pre release and available to Pro and Subscription users.

Are there no versions above 1.0.8 available for the Basic version?

What version is available to Plus?

1.5 is available to paying teirs–aside from plus–and will be available to all on full release, I think.

Was 1.4 not released to Basic and/or Plus?

It jumped straight from 1.0.8 to 1.5.1 (maybe internally Matt had versions in between, but none were released)

Thank you. Now it makes sense

Curious, who has 1.0.8… I downloaded 1.0.7 from this site and its buggy in terms of macros and pitch automation. I am thinking about purchasing the Pro version vs buying Serum, as I have been using the free version for awhile, but want to avoid bugs, of course.

There is no 1.0.8 for the free version of Windows either - The download here is 1.0.7 (just checked). I am just mainly curious about the paid version, however, as I don’t mind upgrading if these bugs go away in it.

Did you click on “All Downloads” ?

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Just did and bam, there was 1.0.8. I did not see any fixes in that version. Odd that they main download is 1.0.7.

Still though, I have no problem buying Pro… but am curious if the automation bugs are gone with whatever version.

1.0.8 was released sometime around 26 February 2021 so it still contains all the bugs from after that time.