Is PLUS version worth it?

Greetings, everybody.

I got the Vital In The Mix Bundle some time ago, it’s basically the Plus version + some presets made by Michael from In The Mix. I’ve used Helm for quite some time and I love it. When I realized another plugin by Matt Tytel was going to be released I just wanted to try it out and support it. I’m really happy with Vital, and I’m glad I contributed a little bit to support the new platform. I’m just curious to know what does the PLUS version have that the FREE version lacks. I know there are more presets and wavetables, but we can get some free ones or build our own ones too. Is there any special feature I’m missing that the PLUS has and the FREE doesn’t?

Thanks for your answers boys and girls, have a great sunday :slight_smile:



Well I think that’s what purchasing the plus, pro or subscription version does - it supports the developer.

AFAIK, the actual synth is the same whatever version you run. The different options give you access to different patches, wavetables, skins etc plus I think the TTWT feature differs (in terms of how much it can be used per day).

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Yes the satisfaction of knowing you supported someone’s hard work even in a small way.

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The core feature of Pro is supporting Matt :wink:
Of course, there are many more presets!

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I just got the PLUS version to support Matt, I don’t need anymore features so far. Just wanted to know if I was missing something tho!


yup. that’s cool. With Pro you have also unlimited text-to-wavetable.


I got the subscription to to support the dev as i have no need for the extra presets or wavetables.

Not sure what the “first access to new features” means. Shouldn’t the skin customization be one of “new features”?

I do understand the constant confusion that ppl have. It’s rare that the free version is actually full version. Only think missing is the “unlimited text-to-speech”, but hands up who has been using it on daily basis after initial testing? (I actually use it a lot :D)

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The subscribers get the custom skin pack in this case.
The first access to new features will mainly kick in when I have a 1.1 build. It will first be available to subscribers and pro users. I’ve got a few things in the works for 1.1 but the main addition is new spectral warping modes.