Is it possible to run and audio signal through Vital

For example running a guitar signal from my audio interface.


that would be sweet. i would like to know why channels 1 and 2 on the input side of the plugin can’t be added to the signal in vital since it would seem to be an addition problem. unless complicated samplerate and block processing hurdles are in the way.

OK, I’ll take that as a “NO”. Thanks for your response and maybe it will happen some day.

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There is a thread discussion a Vital Effects that like the Vital Synth would function both in standalone and VST modes. I can speculate that an analog signal through the A/D of an audio interface would achieve what you describe, a live signal instead of a recorded one to modify, no different from a live Vocoder function.

afaik dsp effects are dsp effects, there should be no difference between an effect plugin and vital other than that there’s no audio inputs. i still think there should be some kind of oscillator device (in the oscillator source section perhaps) that accepts audio input from incoming audio channels.