Is it possible to copy and paste keyframes in the wavetable editor?

is it possible to copy and paste keyframes in the wavetable editor?

Double click directly after it

i saw this cool trick where you can copy and paste an lfo onto an oscillator, but what i’m getting at is can you paste different lfo shapes to different wavetable keyframes…

Oh, im not sure if thats possible

it might be tricky to solve, but there may as well be the ability to right click copy/paste keyframes, and if that works, then if right click copying an lfo should be simple enough to paste into a keyframe. i guess the data type is all that matters, since copying an oscillator would be a different data type than an lfo but somehow vital knows the difference if you’re copying and pasting an oscillator to an oscillator or an lfo to an oscillator.

i notice that you can copy an lfo to an oscillator but not the other way around. should be that you can copy an oscillator and paste into an lfo, but i guess that’s not trivial in case there’s wavetable modulation happening, in which case the array would have to be built into the clipboard from the instantaneous wavetable shape at the moment of copying in order to paste that array into the lfo. but it “ought” to be there. the reason is that in effect, an lfo is already a kind of extra oscillator especially in light of the audio rate fm nature of the signals.

if the lfos themselves were wavetables, that would make the most sense. then there’d be lfo morphing.

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