Is it possible to convert vital file into an vitalbank file?

I downloaded some vital presets yesterday and i looked the file there’s only bunch of vital files there’s alot of them and i tried to convert it to vitalbank but i dont know how
is it really possible to covert it?

Vitalbanks are great for sharing a set of vital patches as a single file.
But once you have the patches, it’s probably overkill to create a vitalbank just to import them to use.
Instead, you can copy the files to the correct folder on your computer:

  • Find your “Vital” folder.
  • Create a sub folder (e.g. “From the web”)
  • In this new folder, create a sub folder “Presets”
  • Copy all your .vital files into the “Presets” sub folder.

To find your vital folder:

  • Open Vital
  • Open the Preset Browser
  • Right-click on the Factory folder, and select “Open File Location”
  • The Factory folder lives within your Vital folder

If you have downloaded wavetables (i.e. .wav or .vitaltable) then these need to be copied into a “Wavetables” sub folder - the same level as the “Presets” directory.

.vitalbank files are effectively zip files with a different extension.
So you can use your computer’s compress (zip) facility to create vitalbanks:

  1. Create a folder stucture like this:
    <name of vital bank>
    - Presets
    - Wavetables
    - Skins
    - LFOs

  2. compress the folder

  3. change the exention from .zip to .vitalbank

You can also create a vitalbank from within Vital, via the Export Bank option on the “burger” menu.
Note, using this method:

  • You can only create a vitalbank from presets/wavetables/lfos stored in your “User” folder
  • You can’t include skins in the vitalbank

Okay thanks @andrew_a I really appreciate (:

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