International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) in TTWT

Would like International Phonetic Alphabet support in TTWT.
This would make TTWT vastly more useful for sound design.

Taa language has 83 clicks separated into five groups (bilabial, lateral, alveolar, dental, and palatal).

Pirahã language has two sounds not found in English. The first one is [ ɺ̼ ], a voiced apical labial lateral tap, and the second one is the [t̪͡ʙ̥], a voiceless alveolar bilabially trilled affricate. You produce the sound like you are going to say “t” and then do a lip trill (like the way you say “brrrr”).

In Arabic, you have letters and sounds that don’t exist in English, such as خ (kh), غ (gh), ق (q), ح ( haa), and ﻉ (ayn), which are very hard for native English speakers to pronounce (as well as for people speaking other non-Semitic languages). I will try these in TTWT and see if it renders them accurately.

The Dahalo language spoken in Kenya has the rarest consonantal sound unique to it - pharyngeal flap ⟨ʡ̮⟩.

Some languages spoken in Western Africa (most notably Igbo, Lowa, and Ewe) have labial velars which are doubly articulated ⟨gb⟩ and ⟨kp⟩ as /ɡ͡b/ and /k͡p/. There are many, many sounds that English and other Indo-European languages lack.

All of these would be great fun for creating unique wavetables!
The human voice is capable of amazing sounds we don’t typically think of.
Getting access to ALL of them would take TTWT from awesome to extraordinary!

Weird Phonemes


TTWT is handled by an external service so you might want to hit them up.

I would if I knew who “they” are!

Who are they?

No idea

OK. The TTWT feature got in Vital somehow. Somebody knows how, right?

What is the external service that does TTWT called?

If you’re licensing snippets, there should be a legal notice somewhere in that code. And/Or somewhere there’s a legal agreement with someone to use the code.

Guess this question needs to get kicked over to Matt.