Intensely Vital; Creatively inspired and edgy sounds for everyone :)

Hello everyone on this lovely forum; I just finished and uploaded a new pack of patches for Vital, they’re 60, you can find them here:

beyond that, if you would like to test some of them yourself, you can find 1/10 of the whole bank on this very thread Intensely Vital teaser pack.vitalbank (2.2 MB)

Also, here:

you can find a video of me showcasing some of the aforementioned sounds

Hope you like them, please if you do, consider adding a review :slight_smile:


Hard and detailed work with astonishing results!
Very unique sounds, but I particularly liked " Stereo Analog Strings ". Very warm sound. Seems like the carefully crafted layers add colour and character to the final sound!

I would simply start with a sawtooth added some unison (or not) mildly detuned with a long attack, some release, through a LP filter and a few effects, like reverb and… We have strings! But no! This is not how things are done if you need the analogue touch…

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Thanks :smiley: appreciation is highly appreciated.

I am also particularly proud of that patch, but now that I read your comment, I can’t but think the name is somehow inappropriate;
See, some “analog” strings would theoretically be a recreation of how a strings patch was typically made on an analog synth, being therefore sort of a 2nd order emulation; the emulation of a synth emulating a strings ensemble, which would usually be made in the way you mentioned or through PWM, which achieve similar results

My patch, on the other hand goes somehow in the direction of trying to emulate (poorly, but expressively I believe) an actual strings ensemble, so it shouldn’t be that analog… since I used comb filtering, I should or might have called it “mechanical strings” or “physical strings”… yet I didn’t but I like it anyway

Thanks again, I hope you enjoy them :slight_smile:

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Amazing pack from one of the best Sound Designer that i know, thank you Platipo as always for delivering such good works of yours. Cheers from Barcelona

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Outstanding presets! Very cinematic and inspirational for a big variety of music and sound design projects.
Amazing work! (As always;)