Instead of only one of each FX, put an FX selector in each FX rack space

instead of having only one of each kind of FX, how about put an FX selector in each FX module so if you want to chain 10 distortion modules in a row, (like Mr. Bill might do) you theoretically could. you could have multiple filters in a chain, etc.

I know this is theoretically possible, but not trivial. maybe each effect can have a maximum number of parameters that persist when the FX type is switched. so that way if you start with an eq and put modulators on the params, and cycle through the fx, those modulators will keep modulating parameters until they reach an fx that has no such parameter, but if you cycled back to the eq effect, the modulator would stay intact. i’m sure theres other challenges to solve this programmatically. but it’s a killer idea even if i say it myself.

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That would be impossible for most people’s CPU to handle.

Until Vital actually get their hands on the GPU AUDIO SDK (which is soon to be released) something like that would be impossible for most people’s computers.

However, it’s looking like this could be possible in the very near future.

Check it out!

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I wouldn’t use the word “impossible” as cavalierly as you did.

Also this looks like some kind of promotion of some other product that has nothing to do with vital.

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I personally don’t have the world’s best CPU so to me, the idea of being able to use my GPU to accomplish more than even the best CPU on the market can EVER do is intriguing.

I literally just discovered this project just this week (it showcased at NAAM less than 14 days ago - there’s a YouTube demo at NAAM that is easy to find).

I simply think GPU AUDIO is super exciting, and once it’s implimented, everything else will be left in a cloud of dust… Imagine your DAW and all Vsts being powered by your GPU with <1ms latency (!). We could render complex audio, in real time…

Until then, hanging out for the possibility of infinite instances of Vital and/or it’s effects just seems clunky to me.

Afterall, we can already use ableton Live or serum FX and add as many instances as we like and our CPU usage is still passable - even my CPU…

But, Vital isn’t written well enough (yet) to be CPU efficient for massive numbers of multiple instances…

Nothing against Vital, I think it’s a FANTASTIC VST and I much prefer it to Serum - it does things serum can’t - and it sounds warmer than serum. But this limitation is precisely why it needs to be ported to be run on a GPU via GPU AUDIO.

We should be able to have our cake and eat it too.

Either that or some other VST and DAW will make use of this technology and we’ll have our cake and it it too that way.

Given it works on Nvidia 10xx series cards and up (ie from 2017…!) and AMD support will be added in the next month (and Apple are also on board with M1 beta testing to happen in next 3mth), the future of GPU audio production looks pretty exciting, much more so than CPU powered audio production that’s for sure!

If the Vital devs were to get on board early (vs trying to make itself more CPU efficient, so people could run more instances of Vital and / or it’s effects in a CPU friendly way) I think that would be a fantastic strategic move - especially given its such a competitive space…

Same for ableton… (eg, I can see a world where I switch to Bitwig if they get there first…). GPU AUDIO ‘say’ they’re making a DAW too, so it’s going to get competitive, I’m sure…

Do your own research mate. I’ve got no regrets about what I’ve learned this week (!)

that’s a bit off topic for my taste. if i wanted to discuss gpu audio i would be in a thread relating to that. I just don’t see the reason for this.

Fair call.

I read the thread as asking about expanding the capacity of FX (ie opening things up for multiple / infinite effects will increase the load on the CPU given Vital already limited in the impact it has on CPU use in that regard). That’s what gave me the idea to share what I’d found this week above.

But fair enough…!

I will post elsewhere.

better to “pepper” the DAW developers to lead the way with regard to this off topic idea of yours, not the small independent synth cobblers. Tytel doesn’t barely have time or resources to make one plugin, I don’t think this is the place at all to start talking about paradigm shifts in hardware coding. Talk to JUCE talk to Ableton, talk to Image Line. Hammer them with the Hulk smash, you have my permission.

but as for the topic, is there a technical reason why the FX page can’t be optionally filled with a bunch of the same effect like 8 choruses for example? I think a few of those effects are already bordering on double duty such as the eq and the filter. I think Duda would beat Vital to it if he saw this feature request. I’m not a Serum user so who knows maybe it already has this.

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