Installing Soundbanks (MISSING SOUNDBANKS)

I today upgraded to plus - went to account, clicked on links and downloaded additional soundbanks. I have opened up VITAL (standalone), clicked on hamburger menu and “Import Sound Banks”.

Most seem to import OK but the two files Glorkglunk WT Pack 1 and Glorkglunk WT pack 2 wont install. Instead of having 250 presets in total, there are around 190 presets.

Can someone help or point me in the right dirrection

Many thanks


Do mean you can’t see presets related to these? I believe these are mostly wavetables (WT) rather than presets, and so will be accessed via the oscillator drop down.

EDIT: just to add, if you think you are missing something, then you could try running vital standalone, and via the burger menu logout and then login. Vital should automatically download everything you should have access to.

Hello and thank you for your reply

I thought these were presets but now you say it, I guess the WT in the name does stand for wave table.
As such, in my presets menu (in the presets browser), should I see 250 different presets or does the 250 presets include the WT’s i mentioned in my first post?

These may be super stupid questions, but I thought I was going to receive 250 sound presets to choose from.


I’ve never counted tbh.
Try my suggestion to see if any more appear.


Thanks for the suggestion

II tried that in both standalone and in the DAW plugin - but I did that after I had manually installed the sound banks by importing them (thats what I read via a google search). I might have to uninstall Vital and start again and see if it downloads the corrrect amount

Tired unistalling Vital and reinstalling, but offf course the Vital folder in the documents folder of the PC doesnt get erased when unistalling. Therefore I renamed that folder to vital_old and tried another re-install to see if it would create a new folder and download the content to it. No.

Counted presets - i actually have 215 installed and not 250.

So to reinstall Vital fresh, I had to clear out any registry entries, delete the vital.config file in appdata and then ressintalled vital. This time it started an auto download of the patches

now up to 235 patches from the 215 previously? Seems like there are 15 patches missing from the downloads. This process seems to be completely random?