Install failed on macbook pro M2

Hey there,

I 'm trying to install vital on macbook pro M2 2023 with bug sur and it fails without any detailed explaination

my laptop is new , enough disk space and I tried to redownload the pkg installer many times , but it’s not fixing, any suggestions?

either you don’t have a m2 MacBook or it does not have big sur on it, the two are not compatible

it’s a new MBP M2 with latest ventura, so you confirm the software is not compatible with 2023 MBP ? is there a plan to fix this ? I want to buy pro version

no i don’t confirm. i just wanted to make sure i get the right info from you. vital is running fine here on a macbook m1.

does the installer run? is it just the plugin/standalone that does not open? what DAW are you using?

the installer runs and report that the installation failed, without more details, I didn’t change the installation folder, it’s the default one on the internal SSD. I uploaded the error here ef3839cfa26dfa9a1eb20a4c571413b6.png hosted at IMGTR - IMGTR , same occurs with early access and stable version

I managed to do it after upgranding to macos 13.4.1 , I forgot to run the update and it seems that 13.0 has an issue with the permission to access the folder where the installer was stored.