I do not see any UI Menus for Customizing/Initializing things which we normally expect, like

folder locations
midi devices
audio outputs

Is/Are there any hidden menus or *.ini files for configuring these?

Does anyone know how to tie Tuning files to a specific preset rather than globally (looks like this is the case).
Top Menu Bar -> Three Horizontal Lines -> Drop Down ->
… shows the tuning file if one is loaded
… and also load a tuning file

Thanks in advance Sri.

You can change I/O by clicking the vital logo:

You can change the preset/data folder in you user/AppData/Roaming/vital

As for tunings, I haven’t used them enough to know

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Thanks. Very helpful.
I found the *.config file there.
It has the correct data folder configuration.
But whenever I trying to load or save Vital always starts with C:\ drive.
I guess there are other parameters that are missing in the default configuration file.

Is there a documentation on those/other parameters anywhere, especially in this forum.

I am particularly keen on setting the Input Channel for the Midi Input Device(s).

Thanks Sri.