Init preset when loading project in Ableton

I use Vital for some time and only now logged into this forum. I had it happen few times before and it came up again so I really want to get this sorted out. I had this problem while finishing a remix few months back and it gave a lot of headaches to recreate the patterns.

I work with Ableton 11 Suite, Windows 10. While Vital lets me work when I load it into the channels, all seems fine

example: yesterdays project was working fine at 5am this morning

When I loaded the project few minutes ago, it loads Vital with an Init preset which adds a lot of hoops and ladders in some cases.

Can anyone point me towards a solution for this?

PS: I just updated to Version 1.08 and the problem seems to have been solved. Would appreciate some comment how to approach this type of thing in the future

Do you use multiple computers?
If you had an earlier version of Vital on one computer it would refuse to load presets saved from a newer version and instead would init.

no, all happened within 1 PC. It was an earlier version though.

Its more of a quirky situation, where some save files just lose ability to load the patch, while earlier/later versions of the same project might open up correctly with the sounds in it.

I had it also happen and then work correctly on the same save file at one point in time.

On one occasion I noticed it happened when unfreezing tracks I had frozen in the earlier version of the project. Frozen track sounded how it should. Upon unfreezing the preset went into INIT.