Inharmonic sounds in Vital

Vital is an incredible synthesizer, but it’s a bit trickier to make inharmonic sounds with it since wavetables and spectral warp modes (at least to my ears) are locked to the harmonic series. I know that FM and RM are available in Vital, which can be used to make inharmonic sounds, but does anyone have any other tips for making inharmonic sounds in Vital?

There’s an inharmonic stretch option under the spectral morph wheel. Not sure if this answers your question, but it something inharmonic.

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Hey thanks for the suggestion! From what I can remember, however, the Inharmonic Stretch option didn’t sound like it was making sounds inharmonic. I could be wrong as I haven’t used Vital in a while but perhaps @Tytel can confirm what exactly the Inharmonic Stretch option does…