Individual voice pitch modulation to make Vital sound more analog

Hey there!
I just watched this video where the guy explains how to make synths sound more analog. One of his techniques is to slightly modulate the pitch of each voice. So when he plays a chord, each note gets pitched slightly up or down.

Does anybody know how to do this in Vital? I linked pitch to velocity and it kinda works too, but it would be nice to implement as described :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Just assign Random to Osc Fine (or Tune as it is called in Vital) and set a very small amount. Set different amounts or assign different Randoms to each Osc.

True, that’s a possibility :slight_smile:
But what I wanted to achieve was to modulate each voice, not each oscillator. I’m referring to the voices that make up the polyphony of the patch.grafik

If you run it through a tuner you’ll see each individual note has a random pitch value when hit one after another. Set it to Bi-Polar in the Mod Matrix and you’ll get both positive and negative pitch variations. Sine Interpolation as the Random type seems to work well.

Now whether you’ll get say 6 different variations when you hit six different notes in a chord at exactly the same time or not I can’t say since I don’t have a polyphonic tuner if such a thing exists.

Other than that I don’t see a way to do per voice modulation in Vital. Try the free OB-Xd synth which does allow per voice modulation and is an analog emulation.

Thank you! Was playing with the OB-Xd before but never really got to the per voice mod. Will check it out as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Actually Vital DOES apply the random pitch effect polyphonically, so each note you play will be assigned its own random movement. Try assigning a large amount and then playing an octave: you’ll be able to hear the tuning go right out!

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