Inconsistent Names for Oscillator Knobs & Modulation Sources

Hi, everyone, this is my first post here! I noticed some inconsistent names for knobs and modulation sources as I was trying out Vital.

One thing I noticed about the oscillators in the Voice tab is that the two main morphing knobs in each one are called “Spectral Morph” and “Wave Morph” respectively. However, when you go to the Matrix tab and modulate them with some source, they show up as destinations called “Osc X Spectral Morph Amount” and “Osc X Distortion Amount” respectively, with X being the oscillator number. This confused me, because there was no distortion effect being used under the Effects tab.

It gets more confusing. In the dropdown menu to choose a modulation destination, these destinations are labeled “Frequency Morph Amount” and “Distortion Amount” respectively for any given oscillator, but they’re only labeled this in the dropdown menu! There are additional destinations such as “Frequency Morph Spread”, “Distortion Phase”, and “Distortion Spread”, which are consistent with the names in the dropdown menu, but inconsistent with the names of the actual knobs and the displayed modulation destination names.

Finally, in the Advanced tab in the Osc X Unison area (which is available to edit when more than one voice is used for a given oscillator’s unison), the knobs labeled “Table Spread” and “Spect Spread” are consistent with their oscillator counterparts, but the “Dist Spread” knob is inconsistent with its counterpart in the oscillator (the “Wave Morph” knob).

So with all of that in mind, here’s what I think they should be labeled:

  • In the Voice tab, keep the names “Spectral Morph” and “Wave Morph” for the two morphing knobs in the oscillator.
  • In the Matrix tab, rename the modulation destinations to “Osc X Spect Morph Amount”, “Osc X Spect Morph Spread”, “Osc X Wave Morph Amount”, “Osc X Wave Morph Phase”, and “Osc X Wave Morph Spread”. Additionally, this should consistently be the names for both the destination dropdown menu and the displayed destination.
  • In the Advanced tab, rename the “Dist Spread” knob to “Wave Morph Spread” (or something similar that will fit in that space, like “Wav Mrph Spread”).
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