Importing Banks - Am I missing something?

I downloaded sets of banks from Discord. I have tried renaming the zip file to “.vitalbank” as per the guide here:

I also uzipped the original files and manually placing the folders in my Vital folder but the contents didn’t show up in Vital’s browser.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something simple (I hope!)

TIA, Tim

Near to the initialise preset option, you can find the option to load the bank… just click on it choose your vitalbank and youre good to go.

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Thanks. When I go to the folders with vitalbanks in they appear to be empty yet when I look at the folder from outside of Vital theye have files showing. Strange.

Hi @tim1

Looking at the files outside of Vital, check that the patches are in a subfolder named “Presets”.
I.e. <name of folder>/Presets/<patch files go here>.


  • .vitaltable wavetables need to go into a Wavetables subfolder
  • .vitallfo LFOs need to go into a LFOs subfolder
  • and any .wav sample files need to go into a Samples subfolder

Have a look at the Factory folder to see this directory structure in action.

p.s. I’m not sure renaming a .zip file to .vitalbank will work if the zip file doesn’t embed the above file structure.

I am pretty sure that renaming a .zip into .vitalbank does not work at all. .vitalbank is an export format in JSON notation. ZIP is a complete different anymal.

I have already created a guide for that here:

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My bad! I was mistaking presets for banks and vice versa. Please forgive this aging Noob!

No worries @tim1
Hope you’ve got it working now.

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