Import sample crashes Vital

Hi Everyone,

I’m using ableton, and when I load a consolidated sample into Vital as a wavetable it always crashes my ableton session. Is this happening to anyone else?

Hi @steve.kouchis,

I’m using Ableton 11.1 and Vital 1.0.7 on a 9 year old i7-4710MQ CPU @ 2.50GHz running Windows 10 and 16GB RAM

I’ve tried loading (as a wavetable into OSC 1) consolidated samples of various length, with various sample rate and bit depth, both contained in and being used by the current project and also from outside of the current project. I can’t replicate the crash you’re describing and everything seems fine. I’ve even tried loading the same samples into both OSC 1 and SMP OSC and still no issues.

I don’t know for sure if this is a thing that might cause problems but have your consolidated samples got extremely long file names? Just a thought as I know Ableton’s file naming convention for consolidated files can sometimes create huge file names depending on how long the original file name was. The max length of file name for a consolidated file that I’ve tried was 53 characters.

If I was getting this crash then I’d try starting a fresh project, loading vital and then attempt to load the same consolidated sample, as a wavetable, into OSC 1 to see if the crash was still happening. If it was still crashing then I’d try consolidating a new section of audio with short length, short file name, at standard sample rate of 44.1kHz 16 bit etc just to see if there was some kind of threshold being exceeded that was causing the crash.

Like I said, I can’t replicate the crash and I’ve tried everything I can think of.

Is this any consolidated sample? Or a specific one?
Can you also let me know what your setup is: OS version, ableton version, etc

I have noticed that newly consolidated files aren’t immediately available to drag and drop from Ableton’s browser into Vital. It seems that Ableton needs to have rescanned the ‘Places’ directory and got past that particular file in the current project before it then becomes available to drag n drop in Vital.

I’ve also noticed that I have to consolidate the same piece of audio at least twice in order to kickstart that rescanning process.

I’ve tried consolidating a piece of audio and then saving the project but this doesn’t make any difference, neither does using ‘Collect all and save’.

I thought this was just an Ableton browser quirk so I consolidated a piece of audio, the file appears in the browser in Current Project>Samples>Processed>Consolidate and has a tick next to the Wav icon so Ableton has also created a .asd file. I then right-click the file in the browser and click ‘Show in Explorer’. Then try to drag n drop from Explorer into Vital and it still won’t import the file. I’ve tried it a ton of times and it only works once Ableton has rescanned ‘Places’.

It’s not crashing Ableton on my machine but does seem to be Ableton that’s got issues rather than Vital.

Okay so it seems to only be happening when I have rift 2 in the same project.

Weird. I just tested in a fresh ableton and no issues.

In fact Rift 2 seems to be a culprit in a lot of my crashes

Yeah might want to hit up minimal audio and see if they’ve had any other reports.

I’ll mark this as resolved though I’m going to look into some of the other drag/drop issues and see if I can do things a little differently to work in all cases.
I know another issue (not a crashing one) is on Windows + FL Studio and dragging and dropping from Edison. That might be related to Ableton’s here.

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I think in Ableton’s case, the browser may still be referencing Live’s temporary folder until the file has been rescanned, regardless of whether a .asd has been created or not.