Import MIDI / MIDI to LFO Sequence

Was making some patches last night when I thought “This sequence works great for this sound, just wish I could make it part of the preset without having to draw the entire thing in.”

That’s the concept in a nutshell, a feature where you can feed Vital a MIDI file and have it map out the notes in an LFO (multiple LFOs if the sequence is polyphonic) which can then be easily routed to control pitch or whatever else you might want. Maybe the MIDI detection/conversion could also be written to generate separate note on-off LFO sequences as well, good for easily mapping to volume or a lowpass filter (or anything else).

I’m sure there would need to be limits for how this is implemented, like obviously it would not be feasible to import something really harmonically dense; definitely no black MIDI here. While I would love this feature to support harmony in some form, even a minimal implementation that accepts only monophonic MIDIs would be really handy and neat to have. :smile: