Import LFO shapes from Serum/LFOTool

I have a fairly large collection of LFO shapes in Serum/LFO-Tool. It would be awesome if I could import them into Vital…

Definitely - and because Vital and Serum are so similar it would be cool to see Vital load Serum presets too



That’s not how it works :joy: they would not sound the same at all, Vital uses different wavetables, different effects and filters, a different unison engine and the list goes on and on. Plus this is an amazing synth by itself so I personally don’t like to keep bringing up serum, but good question lol

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Serums wt’s can be used :wink:

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Wavetables are just a .wav file. I was able to load all of my Serum wavetables into Vital with no problem. I do get what you are saying about differences under the hood, and on top with GUI. I’m not saying that Vital should be able to load any Serum preset 100%. Serum has more effects than Vital, so a preset that has dimension expander would obviously not come out correct. I’m saying it would be a cool feature to see Vital load the cross-compatible presets because Vital has a lot more modulation power and miscellaneous functionality. I’m in agreement that Vital is amazing though, hands down.