iMac i9 2019 freezes every time within 2 minutes

I’ve tried to like this but I can’t use any version in any DAW without my system completely locking up and having to hard reboot (Hold power button).

Anyone else had this? I’m on a 27" iMac i9 with two external monitors hooked up VIA T4 to DisplayPort (if that matters).

I’ve tried Cubase, Logic, Reaper, Ableton… VST3, VST2, Audio Unit, Wrapped AU inside Blue Cat Patchworks…

Yup! Happens to me too. Only 1.5 though. I downgraded to 1.0.7 and it went away - but then I realized that I wouldn’t be able to open anything I made in 1.5.

I can have lots of instances of VItal open - such as in old projects, possibly made in 1.5.4 - but if I open the plug-in windows and start adding even a moderate amount of modulation, it invariably freezes and I have to reboot.