Idiot Newbie question

This is a great synth, don’t have to tell nobody that.

Freebie is great and would want to move to the next tier (25 dollars)

Can’t find any info on the licensing scheme. Online and strangled to only one computer, or a simple serial number.

Also asking veterans here if the leap to the $25 tier over the free offering is worth it.

Many thanks,

John K

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You can use it on any computer as long as you’re the primary user.

Here’s the full EULA:

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Thank you Tytel. Will be upgrading soon.


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Done the upgrade and trying to wrap what’s left of my brain cells around the synth. Got some problems that are most likely user error so far. Fix is to RTFM.

Just an editorial comment on the EULA.

This is what user respect and two way trust should be. Use on any and all of your machines you want. Honor the agreement that you are the user. Been burned over the years by the likes of Waves, Voyetra who have come in after the fact and decided to deny migration or further activation. Then companies that restrict to one online activation to one computer only.

Thanks for the licensing sanity and for a great synthesizer.

John K

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