Ideas for VItal

There are a lot of ideas that can be implemented that can make vital more good (not that it is not good now).

  1. Granular synthesis

Granular Synthesis has been one of my favorites and its just crazy how one can make some of the most amazing sounds with it

A Granular Synthesis option in Vital would be very amazing and i am sure if done perfectly, granular fans will go crazy for it

  1. More FX
    This might already be in work (maybe or maybe not, i have no idea about that), but more FX including a vocoder, lo-fi effects , glitch fx and more distortion types would be really great option to add in the future

These are the 2 ideas i have for vital, if you have some more ideas, please feel free to comment on this thread and let the devs know what we may want for the future of vital


+1 for more effects. I’d love to see a Stereo Expander, maybe a Vocoder, Ring Mod, Saturator, more Distortion and Filter types, and a way to expand the 3 band EQ to more bands (like 7, or 11)

As for the first, I don’t see granular synthesis (whatever that is) coming up in Vital’s update as Vital is very much focussed on being an awesome wavetable synth. Rather than stepping into multiple directions it’s always better to bring perfection in the direction Vital is heading, IMO…

There might be great free granular synths available out there too, I believe.

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