Idea: Convert Serum presets to Vital


As Serum and Vital seem to share quite a lot of common ground, I was thinking - would it be possible to write a script that converts Serum presets and wavetables to Vital?

I don’t know if something like this has ever made between any other two synths/plugins, but would be cool if it’s possible.

Just throwing an idea out there!

Ps. Vital is amazing!

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They are only similar in spirit. Exact algorithm details differ between wavetable synthesizers so there is no trivial way to do it.

There might be ways for some extremely motivated AI programmers to do something like try to train a network to learn vital patches from audio, but :shrug:

You can copy the serum wavetable and sample files into your vital folders. Works fine

anyone share these Serum wavetables and sample files ??

I don’t have Serum would love to try it.

I’ve got them in 3 zip folders in a cloud i couldn’t upload them here it said they were over 200,000kb but really they weren’t :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re Serum & Massive… I may have created multiple copies of the same folders also xD if so im sorry

Orrrr, you can just google it and find them on reddit or something

true but there is more to a preset than just the wavetable.

I have tried to convert some, but vital lacks an effect device like the expander/unison tool in Serum.
also, remapping and reverb lfos which Serum patches make use of alot, do not exist in Vital yet.

vital sounds very warm somehow, whereas Serum is crisp by default. two very different souls of equal beauty

Yep, that seems to make it quite impossible then.

Hey thanks for posting this, the only set I see as a duplicate is Classic Synths so one can just delete that.

I had a similar thought, but after I tried to implement several Serum patches manually on Vital, I came to the conclusion that many items are not a simple conversion, due to several differences which could not be realized on one synth or the other. The other problem is the saved preset format. Vital presets are saved as text files with all the parameters listed out in human readable form. Serum presets are saved in a binary format, which are machine readable, and unless someone on the net has a map to how this is done, you would have to reverse engineer it yourself - which is a big project. But, I’ll tell you how I would start: save an Init patch, then begin by changing one knob at a time, save the preset and inspect the values in the preset file. You will begin to see what the pattern is, then you would have to write a program to convert the Serum preset into text. Once you had most of the parameters covered, you could begin to correlate the values of one synth against the other. Then, you could start devising a method to import that preset text into Excel or some spread sheet program. Some of the values do not have a one to one correlation between each other, so you would need to come up with formulas to convert Serum values to the similar Vital values. There are many parameters that translate easier than others. Osc and filter values are pretty easy to figure out, except for exclusive features, and others like the effects, as noted in another post, are just different and cannot be done. A few of the complex filters in Serum can be realized by cascading the 2 filters in Vital, but not all of them. Try converting a well documented Serum patch to Vital yourself, and you’ll likely begin to see the problems. My bottom line is I’m going to have to buy Serum if I want to make those sounds easily - Still $10 a month on Splice last time I checked.