I upload short daily patch tutorials, going over basic and advanced sound design techniques!

I cover mainly melodic components (not heavy bass, atonal atmosphere, etc.), and try to upload every day.

Here’s a video on organic bells/mallets:

Here’s how to make realistic strings:

I stick to only using basic wavetables and noises included in the free version so anyone can follow along. I will do my best to keep uploading everyday for the foreseeable future!

Best wishes, Jazen Airy Whistle.vital (2.0 MB) Cinematic Strings.vital (245.2 KB) Muted Guitar.vital (320.3 KB) Organic Bells & Mallets.vital (320.4 KB)


Great idea!! Would you be interested try to create brass/trumpet sound?
Something like this:
Epic Brass Hit/Stab with Edirol Orchestra - YouTube

I would definitely be down to make that! I have a couple sounds already lined up for the next couple days, but I am for sure adding this to my list so keep a look out :smile:

Cool tutorials, thx! Would be great if you could make the presets available here too. Any chance?

I tried to upload, but I haven’t posted enough on the forums yet. Here’s a dropbox link

Edit: Nevermind! Just added them.

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Very cool. I copied your strings patch and added some velocity and note tracking stuff. Really nice, can’t believe it’s just saw x saw. Thanks! :vulcan_salute:

Glad you like it!

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