I think GPU optimization problem

I have a bug in mac os big sure os.
Just one instance of the plugin Vital causes intense heat my GPU and CPU of macbook pro laptop
I use only 1 OSC (SAW wave) and try to some settings in the modulation matrix and my GPU and CPU are hot like an iron :sob:
(characteristics of my laptop - CPU intel i7, 16GB memory, ssd, graphic intel iris pro 1536MB)

I play high-load projects in other daws and use other vst’s like a U-he Diva/Repro and do not see this anywhere.

The problem is most likely in synthesizer optimization or GUI bug (because Apple have been using Metal for a long time and not Open GL)

ps: i have to give up using this synthesizer - because it’s impossible to work - the laptop turns into a stove and makes the fans work like crazy

so sorry - I love its user-friendly GUI

question to developers - are there any ideas how to fix this?
this problem exists even with 1X oversampling :sob:

What daw are you using?

Hello mate!
i tried many DAWs (Reaper 6, Hosting AU, Cubase Elements) - the same problem everywhere

it gets a little easier when i close the plugin GUI - but still loading my CPU and GPU extremally

i love your synth - it’s have a magic - but i can’t use other vst in my project - computer resources are at the limit - although I have a powerful laptop

I’ve noticed this too. I wondered why my web browser playback was choppy and why the GPU was getting warm. Checked the GPU activity and Vital consumes 35-40% GPU at idle! That’s a lot of processing power, especially on an Nvidia 3080.
I noticed that the GUI graphs are suuuper smooth, which probably means the frame rate isn’t capped?

This happens in both Bitwig and Reaper. Running the VST3 on Win10x64
GPU: Nvidia 3080 (latest drivers/stock settings)
CPU: 1950x Threadripper
RES: 2560x1440 @ 144hz

Noticed it’s quite CPU heavy too when multiple idle GUIs are open too.
8 idle instances consume 33% CPU on my 16 core… which is quite a lot for idle GUIs. As soon as the GUIs are closed (not minimized) then the CPU drops to 1-2% again.

Here’s how the resources use looks in graphs:

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i think maybe the problem of such a high load on the graphics core lies in the fact that the plugin uses Open GL
and all the latest Mac OS operating systems have been translated to Metal graphics - this is of course my guess :thinking:
since I have basically all plugins in my work that have long supported metal graphics and do not have such problems with them