I love looking at photos of other people's studios

This is mine on a rare day when things didn’t look like an explosion in an Oxfam shop


Some more here – Studio Photos

Show us your workspace / studio


Nice setup! @Carbinax , looks like a cozy place to work at. Everything is at arms reach. Just wanted to mention too, I took a listen to your track 303 unique. Sounds like you used the Roland TB-303 or some other acid sounding synthesizer. Loved it.

Thanks for sharing, I was kind of hoping people would show how their workspace looks like.

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Thanks !! I didn’t realise my music was reachable from that link too. I thought it would be just the photo, but glad you enjoyed it.

yeah it’s a great space. Next thing I gotta do is get some acoustic tiles and bass traps set up.

Would be awesome to see other people’s studio setups. It would be easier if there was some way to attach photos to the posts, but I understand the need for security on a new forum. Maybe when it’s more established, it’ll be added as a feature.

That laptop does not support OpenGL 3.0, sadly :frowning:

But there is a real desktop PC to the left which is connected to the patchbay and has extra long midi cables, so Vital should be integratable nonetheless.

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Lots of great equipment there. How did you post the photo directly ? maybe im just blind and missed it ,

You can just drag files or paste images (Ctrl+v) into the editor.

The shelf is designed for jamming on the spot. Sadly, most of the time I procrastinate or write scripts rather than actually making music, it’s a real shame :smiley:

yeah I made the mistake of putting a ps4 in my studio lol . One minute I’m working with midi, and the next Im a samurai. So easily distracted =P

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Hey, I see that Vital can run headless, i.e. without GUI. So I will not be able to create patches on the laptop but I can perform and control it via Midi from how it looks