I have not been able to get Vital to work past 1.0.8

Hi. I use Cockos Reaper 7.12 under Windows 10. I have not been able to get Vital to work in my computer past 1.0.8. Every time a new Vital version is released, I uninstall Vital and try to get the new version to work, to no avail. I have a free account. I had considered getting one of the paid versions, but since I started having trouble with it, I decided not to. Has anybody encountered the same problem? I can’t figure out what is wrong with my computer. I tried asking here on the forums before, but got no valid answer.

hello I have the same problem. This morning it was impossible to open Vital either with Reaper ,Unify or Vital in Standalone. it crashes upon opening .
I have the Vital plus version on Windows 10

Does your laptop’s GPU hardware support OpenGL 3.2 or higher ?

See right hand bottom corner.

On windows, opengl isn’t needed. Directx11 is.

Nice of you to quote me back :wink:

For the DirectX Support look halfway on the right. It should be higher than 10. :sunglasses: