I can't use the text to wavetable

I bought a Subscribe but the 「upgrade to get more than 5 text to wavetable requests per day」
are displayed and cannot be used

Hi @qp3minutescookingqp.

Just a suggestion - trying logging out of vital and logging back in. There is a log out option via the “burger” menu within the synth.

Proposed Thank you
I tried but couldn’t

Hi again @qp3minutescookingqp - when you go to your vital account at https://account.vital.audio/ - does it state that you’ve got the vital subscribed version on your account (under “Your products”)?

It’s like this

Hi @qp3minutescookingqp - ok - so the server knows that you’re a subscriber (I think, from what that screenshot shows).
Perhaps a reboot and running vital as a standalone app might be worth a try?
Sorry I can’t be more help.
Perhaps someone else (@Tytel) might be able to advise.

you couldn’t logout/login?
or it didn’t work?

ok Thank you

I was able to log in / out, but the TTWT restrictions were not released.

Ok - thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

thank you

Sorry about the trouble.
It looks like there is an expired (invalid) second subscription in my payment system and that status somehow overrode the status of your valid subscription. Should be fixed now! You don’t need to do anything on your end.

TTWT restrictions have been lifted
Thank you!

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