I cant update vital

i had vital version 1.0.7 and i wanted to update it to version 1.5.5. I downloaded the new version but when i go on to fl studio and find new installed plugins, the new version is not there and when i tried to open the plugin in fl studio im stuck on version 1.0.7. i tried uninstalling by using the uninstall vital app but it still has the version 1.0.7 in fl studio. I tried installing it again and it still does not do anything.

I would go ahead and check FL studio to see where it is looking for your plugins, then manually enter that location and just delete the plugin. maybe you have .vst3i and .dll installed, so look in both those locations. i think one of them should be in Program Files/vst… and the other should be in Program Files/Common Files or something. I would first find those two plugins and delete them. Then run the installer again. The installer doesn’t do anything fancy I don’t think.

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thank you it worked