I can't open the Standalone version on windows

I can’t open the Standalone version on windows, when you try to open it it closes quickly.

It happens the same to me too :frowning:

I have not been able to use the standalone version (Windows 10) from the start. I just downloaded v1.0.5 to see if might work now, but no luck. It begins to load but crashes before the window can even really display anything. In the Task Manager it switches from Apps to Background processes and holds onto about 350MB of RAM while using 0% CPU for at least a few minutes. While it’s in this state it holds on to my MIDI keyboard and won’t let go. End Task takes a few minutes.

Does Vital now have some error logging that might point to what’s going wrong?

what happens when you try it whitout the keyboard? :nerd_face:
sorry no help, just curious.

Thanks for the suggestion. It crashes and sticks in the Task Manager for a very long time, but it doesn’t hold on to the MIDI keyboard.

:man_shrugging: There must be something specific to my system that Vital standalone doesn’t like. Oh well. The VST works fine. That’s far more important.

it seems if you use onboard graphics causes some issues. (if your system is like this try update drivers, maybe cpu is blocked with graphic task that it can´t do)

and with graphic card it still uses more cpu in standalone.

or just use vst. :slight_smile: