I can't install the 1.5.3 version

If I try to install the 1.5.3 version I will get a strange windows error. If I search for vital on FL I can’t find it either. Does anyone know a solution for this? I know it’s not really clear but maybe someone has the same problem

What’s the error message?

0x80070005. This is what I get when I try to install Microsoft Visual C++

let me explain it better. I did had the 1.0.7. I buyed a preset pack but it said that I needed a newer version to use them. After that I installed 1.0.8 but I still got the message. The one I buyed it from said 1.5.3 is released so I tried to download that one but than this weird stuff happened. Someone else helped me, removed everything about vital, tried it again, updated my whole pc and all software but still getting the strange error message

Which windows version are you using?

Windows 10

Try to run Vital installer with administrator privileges