I bought vital pro, but the website says otherwise

I purchased vital pro, for access to more presets, however I am still being instructed to buy the pro version and do not have access to the features pro offers. plz help.

edit: got receipt and everything, just no vital pro. About to dispute this with PayPal.

Sometimes PayPal puts payments on hold and doesn’t send me a payment notification. They don’t really any information with me on why or when this happens.
I just manually upgraded your account so you should be all set. Sorry abou the trouble!

@Tytel Its still saying to upgrade to pro on the vital website and that I didn’t purchase it, and I still don’t have any of the pro presets. If I need to provide screenshots I can

Ah sorry there was a typo in the database command I ran. It should work now.

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Thank you thank you @Tytel.

Vital is a great product btw.

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