I bought Pro but didn´t have access

I bought Pro but didn´t have access. Who shall icontact ?

Send an email to support@vital.audio

It may be slow to answer, but that’s the way to contact it. If you have a transaction id, the email you used at the time, include those details in the mail.

Thanks i sent the email :slight_smile:

What did you mean? The content/Presets aren’t showing up?
Trying logging out and logging back in with your Vital account, it may just need to trigger the download so to speak

Where are the presets ?

Prioritized Support?

At The webside the Pro early excess is shown.

When I Logged out and log in again, the Prests are not downloaded.
Tried it some times … nothing happened.
At the side the ExtraStuff is Shown, but not the Presets from the Propack .
Controlled Cybernetics 3; Yuli YOLO 4 … for example.

Where to find the Additional Skins?

THnX for your time and Answer :wink:

You could try uninstalling (save your user presets folder separately first though, if needed) and a fresh re install, this might re trigger the downloads to occur

I know this sometimes happens, and I think most people can get them to re download. But yes they should be showing up as their own vital packs
Are you on vital 1.5.5?

Edit: Skins are posted around the forums but feel free google some as well, but you can check out this thread

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Yes iam on 1.5.5

aaah there are no further skins included?

I’m not sure sorry, Ive only downloaded the user made ones :slight_smile:

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:frowning: hmmm same foldertree after reinstall …