Huge amount of data on my projects


This is the best synth ever made! Thanks

I have a problem: the plugin save huge amount of data on my projects.

For example, in one project, I see 2.3 MB to only one instance of plugin. I suppose the plugin store the preset and wavetables too, but this it’s no sense, the wavetables it’s on my HDD, also the preset. Serum with the exactly same wavetable and preset, store only 5KB.

What to do to reduce data saved on projects?

OS: windows 8
DAW: Reaper
Vital: 1.0.7

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In 2023, 2.3 megs can not be considered “huge amounts of data”. One patch with three Wavetables and a sample loaded is 2.9 megs here. That’s not unexpected.

I’ve got DUNE 3 patches that are over 4 megs in size and so on.

You could make sure there is no sample loaded in the sample Osc. Make an “empty” sample and load it in your INIT patch.

Other than that avoid using complex WTs but then what’s the point of using the plugin at that point?

I imagine the idea behind saving the WT data in a patch is that you can share them without having to also share the Wavetables themselves. It’s much more efficient that way.


Imagine 10 instances of Vital per project, 23MB only for Vital per project it’s really huge data.

How I say, Serum store 5KB for the same preset, so it can.

Unmodified wavetable which I used on the Vital OSC it’s already on my HDD. To store two times the same wave file it’s definetely not efficient way. Also, the data stored as VST chunks cannot be used, it’s a lost space on my HDD. I have more than 100 project music…

I’m going to agree with @teksonik.

I’d rather have the extra disk space taken up, and know that my patch is going to sound just like what I want when I open that project later on a new computer

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23 Megs…in an era of 4 TERABYTE Hard drives?

Like I said in this day and age 23 megs is NOTHING. If you’re running a 10 year old system (which would be the only reason you’re running Win 8 which was one of the worst versions of Windows ever) then external hard drives are dirt cheap.

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Since you move files with presets and wavetables to other comp, is safe without storing them in the project.

The calculation is 23MB x 100projects = 2.3GB or more only for Vital project storing and more for presets - that’s definitely necessary.

Make difference between the project storage and the preset, it seems that it’s not clear to you.

I just ask if there is any way to disable saving wav files in the project too, to avoid unnecessary storage of the same file twice - discussions are useless.

I’m waiting for the solution from someone who really knows.

Better is to have an option and let the user choose to store wav or not in the project - an idea for the next version.

The VSTi’s current parameters are mechanically saved in the project.
And in Vital, waveform data is just one of the parameters, and it is natural that waveform data is saved in the project.
There may be a way to pass the waveform file path as a parameter, but that would require the user to manage presets and waveform files separately, which many users would not like.

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Even a 2 Terabyte drive is 2 THOUSAND gigs.

What is not clear to you is that even 2.3 gigs is an insignificant amount of data in 2023. You can get a 2 TB drive for $60 these days. Not all Vital patches are 2.3 megs and many are as small as 321KB so it’s not going to be 2.3 Gigs unless you use the same large patches over and over.

Your issue is probably the least important one right now so should be treated as such. To be honest it’s really a non-issue and the fact that you’re the only one who is complaining about just reinforces that fact.

Discussions are absolutely not useless because let’s be honest, at this point in time we’re not sure what the future of Vital holds so you may just be stuck dealing with this non-issue just like all the other users are now. There are other issues being reported that certainly take precedence when and if Vital development continues.

I don’t believe there is any way to change Vital’s behavior in this regard. You could try messing about with the details.json but good luck with that.

“:am”: { “N”: “0” },
“:au”: { “S”: “Factory” },
“:n”: { “S”: “FactoryContent” },
“:s”: { “S”: “vitalcontent/FactoryContent.vitalbank” },
“:p”: { “BOOL”: false },
“:w”: { “BOOL”: false },
“:l”: { “BOOL”: false },
“:sa”: { “BOOL”: false }

Are saved by the code, not “mechanically saved”. Can save link to wave drive location not wave data.

WAV store ways in high -performance order:

  1. Store anyway in project
  • wav are stored twice
  • in the project the space it’s larger, VST data chunk it’s bigger than wav
  • slow loading speed
  • cannot be shared, even between Vital instances of the same project
  1. Store in wav if was modified compared to the wavetable folder variant
  • in the project the space it’s larger, VST data chunk it’s bigger than wav
  • slow loading speed
  • cannot be shared, even between Vital instances of the same project
  1. Not store at all, if the wav was modified, save it in the wavetable folder and make a link in the project.
  • space economy
  • improve loading speed
  • modified wav can be shared with other instances of Vital
  1. Solution 3 and add symlink reading capability to can share the wavetable folder with all other plugins
  • space economy
  • improve loading speed
  • all wav can be shared even to other plugins

Apart from that, Vital is the best Synth! Very good for advanced and beginners too. That visual indications are very useful for sound design.

If the wavs are stored twice, once in the Wavetables or Samples folder then they are available to use in other patches:

Vital 020423-1

You don’t understand, how I sayed, is stored in VST data chunk, are not available even in other Vital instances.

Imagine the problems that could cause in sharing projects with other users who may not have the same wavetables as you. If the project file only had a path, the patch would be useless to your collaborator

Cannot share wav with my collaborators? It’s better, maybe he want to use it on other plugins, to modify etc. Always is better to share files in common format.

You can save any Vital Wavetable as a .wav file.

Vital 020423-2

You can export it as a .vitaltable as well.

People have shared hundreds if not thousands of patches, wavetables, and .wav files for Vital without any problems with the current system.

That fact that you and three other people are having problems with it does not mean it needs to be fixed and at best would be a very very low priority at this time.