How would you synthesize a harpsichord damper sound?

when you let go of a harpsichord key, there’s a damper that kind of thumps down on the vibrating string. i’m wondering how to even put into words my question so let me give it a try:

“how do in Vital?”

you could try mapping envelope decay to lift, so when you release a key fast the note stops fast like you damp it. or maybe to mod wheel, don´t know how it works on a harpsichord.

maybe add some pitch sweep down or lowpass filter sweep down to get closer to a real string when you stop it.

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late response here, but what it does this mean: “mapping an envelope decay to lift?”

i want something to happen during the release part of a note, like a soft percussive sound. but i don’t want that sound to be happening during the note while it’s in the sustain or decay phase.

pseudocode: karplus strong, with a snappy release that features a small bit of damped percussive resonance of the exciter from a felt damper quieting the sum of both the main exciter plus a tiny little pulse of comb filter excitation.

in a harpsichord, there’s a little plectrum that plucks the string upwards, and when the key is released, that same plectrum grazes across the string on the way back down and is silenced by a felt damper about 5 milliseconds after that.

also the keys themselves have a bit of mechanical noise involved that resonate the body of a harpsichord too.

if this is something that can be worked out in vital, it ought to be useful for acoustic piano modeling as well.

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I used loop hold to wait and trigger a couple noises, another impulse to the comb filter and a little bit of osc 1.

I haven’t tried these in a mix yet but I may have figured it out. I haven’t found any other harpsichord presets for vital, or if i had them i lost them. at least there’s some potential. using this technique should work for piano hammer and damper sounds too.

Harpsichord-Rek.vital (1.2 MB)
Harpsichord-Rek 2.vital (1.2 MB)
Harpsichord-Rek 3.vital (425.1 KB)