How would you synthesize a harpsichord damper sound?

when you let go of a harpsichord key, there’s a damper that kind of thumps down on the vibrating string. i’m wondering how to even put into words my question so let me give it a try:

“how do in Vital?”

you could try mapping envelope decay to lift, so when you release a key fast the note stops fast like you damp it. or maybe to mod wheel, don´t know how it works on a harpsichord.

maybe add some pitch sweep down or lowpass filter sweep down to get closer to a real string when you stop it.

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late response here, but what it does this mean: “mapping an envelope decay to lift?”

i want something to happen during the release part of a note, like a soft percussive sound. but i don’t want that sound to be happening during the note while it’s in the sustain or decay phase.

pseudocode: karplus strong, with a snappy release that features a small bit of damped percussive resonance of the exciter from a felt damper quieting the sum of both the main exciter plus a tiny little pulse of comb filter excitation.

in a harpsichord, there’s a little plectrum that plucks the string upwards, and when the key is released, that same plectrum grazes across the string on the way back down and is silenced by a felt damper about 5 milliseconds after that.

also the keys themselves have a bit of mechanical noise involved that resonate the body of a harpsichord too.

if this is something that can be worked out in vital, it ought to be useful for acoustic piano modeling as well.

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working on the best harpsichord emulation i can.

created a felt damper sound using some DC from an oscilator, triggered by a sustain hold LFO.

on key release, there’s a sustain hold LFO mode that sends out a small impulse again to the comb filter to make it sound like the damper is landing on the string again.

low strings sounded weak, so sent a mod mapped sine pulse to give it more body.

if you have any tips, i’m open to hearing some.

Harpsichord-Rek-7.vital (2.1 MB)

I made some Harpsichords, using werkmeister3 or meantone, various technique, I’m not realy satisfy, I think we could make something better.
Harpsichord Sample.vital (2.5 MB)
Harpsichord Meantone C.vital (1.0 MB)
Harpsichord H2O.vital (1.0 MB)
Harpsichord.vital (1.0 MB)
HarpsiComb.vital (286.8 KB)
For notes release, we can do something with EG And Filter.

awesome, will try your patches!

did you try mine? I’m keeping that last post updated with my best try, i used LFO’s in a sustain hold mode to hit the exciter with an impulse on key release, and a little thumping sound too.

Yes, your system for the release noise is Interesting, I will use it, I think I’d never use the sustain envelope, thanks for the focus on it.

Uhe’s Triple Cheese, new version, has a nice sounding harpsichord factory preset. It sounds a bit warmer than what I’m able to come up with.