How to use vocoder

When I drag a sample over the osc it comes up saying vocoder but when I drop it nothing happens.

Hey there,
There is no actual Vocode effect in Vital, it’s the text to Wavetable. There would so be the Vocode warp mode as well.
For text to speech you’ll need to modulate through the wavetable to hear the effect

Is this what you mean?

The website says this “Turn your own samples into wavetables by using Vital’s pitch-splice or vocode wavetable converter.”

Yes sorry, you can covert your sample to a wavetable in a couple ways. Youll still need to modulate the wavetable position on playback to hear your full sample, otherwise it’s just playing only a single waveform of the sample.
I’d also recommend using the Vocode warp mode to better achieve your desired effect, depending on what you’re going for

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It’s like it’s not loading the sample in at all though. It still shows “init” after I drag and drop it.

As in it still shows the unit saw wave patch?
Dang, maybe it is a bug. What kind of sample are you using? Is it the same with like others ones (say a perc sample versus a chord sample?)

I got it working now. I think it was just bugging. Thank you for the help!

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