How to unmorph between wavetable keyframes?

One of very basic shapes named ‘Basic Shapes - Matt Tytel’ was not morphed.
Of course unmorphed wavetable is still interesting option, even though almost all wavetables of these days has smooth morphing.
I designed some preset with unmorphed wavetable in Serum in the past.
But how I can I do this in Vital?
I noticed ‘Basic Shapes - Matt Tytel’ is unmorphed, but I couldn’t reproduce it in new wavetable.
I guess some related option is hidden in Vital… I couldn’t found it.

If I understand correctly, you are looking for a wavetable that changes table positions ‘statically’ and does not crossfade?

If the answer is yes, you can select the morph mode (for example Spectral) in the center of the waveform editor (to the left of the grid selection) right in the middle. You would want this set to “none”. Now your wavetable will move individually through each key frame with our any crossfading or Spectral morphing.

Edit: sorry below only applies if you are trying to make a serum table unmorph but I realize now I don’t think this is what you meant.

However, I am not sure this option may be available for an imported wavetable, and only available for factory tables. You may have to go back into Serum to adjust the morphing mode, export, then upload the new table into Vital.

Another work around would be to use the phase of a frozen LFO to control the wavetable position, but edit the matrix mapping so that it snaps to exact points, thereby giving you a quasi-static non- morphing table.

Not sure if this is what you mean of it this helps, good luck!

You can do that by placing keyframes with the same waveform next to each other.
for example
Even in the case of Audio File Source, if you put the same value in POSITION,
you can get the same waveform.