How to turn one-shot sample into a wavetable

I’m trying to recreate what has been done here using Vital:

I managed to drag the sample onto the OSC which gave me various wavetable processing options. I also tried to apply the LFO to play throught the various frames of the wavetable. But I cannot recreate what the guy has done in Serum.

How would I go about turning a one-shot sample into a wavetable (and I don’t mean playback via the sample engine!!)?


Am I wrong to assume that turning a sample into a wavetable is a pretty common use case?

I think I don’t understand what you mean.

SerumTrumpet.vital (728.7 KB)

I just dragged a trumpetsample onto the osc and dropped it on “Pitch splice”

Here’s another one

trumpetSerum2.vital (254.1 KB)

Thanks a lot. Unfortunately your patches don’t work in my version of Vital. I’m still on 1.0.7 since the latest version won’t run on my machine (Win 7).

I think you do understand what I mean. I’m trying to do exactly what is shown in the Serum video posted above. It seems it works for some one-shot samples, but not so well with others. The difficult part for me is setting the LFO so it will cycle through the entire Wavetable in the appropriate speed. Otherwise it will sound like a slowed down or sped up version of the original sample when hitting the key.

The key in my example is in the filename of the sample so an A#3 will play the exact pitch when I play an A#3. The sample used in the YT video was short and has a silent part at the end. Which makes it ideal to use for this.These are my settings in the presets (nothing special)

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