How to split the keyboard

sorry but I discovered that you can split the keyboard with two different sounds but I don’t know how !!!? (I downloaded a preset that does this)

I can’t say how the patch you downloaded works without seeing it, but here’s one way to do it…

Create a sound using oscillator 1 routed through filter 1 and a second sound using oscillator 2 routed through filter 2. Next set both oscillator levels to 0. Now go to the mod matrix and create two entries, one with ‘Note’ controlling the level of oscillator 1, and the other with ‘Note’ controlling the level oscillator 2. Now set the remappings to work opposite of each other so that one sound is silent when the other is playing.

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I don’t understand what it means to go to the mod matrix because in the mod matrix there are only parameters: trigger, sync, envelope, loop point etc etc and then in reality they both play at the same time, not just one at a time Split sant.vital (171.6 KB)

Perhaps things will be more clear if you examine the attached preset. Click on the matrix tab and look at the ‘MOD REMAP 1’ display as you play some notes - then look at the ‘MOD REMAP2’ display as you play some more.split test.vital (320.2 KB)


I understand … for me it is an unusual way to calibrate a split because the term mod brings me back to modulation, but this is not a modulation but a key assign … but it is called mod! … Thanks thanks dear !! valuable advice

Well it is a “hack”. There is no way to actually play two different presets with a split keyboard in one vital instance. (well there is, but it involves a DAW and two instances of vital as plugin loaded)

So you are merely “modulating” OSC 1 an 2 (or any two sound sources in the synth) volume with the incoming midi pitch.

2 presets no, but two oscillators that sound different yes! … it’s a bit like having 2 presets

you not only modulate the volume but you can alter the two waves in a completely different way

santsplituno prova.vital (320.8 KB) 2 different split sounds in the same preset equals 2 real presets playing together

Sure, yes you can assign anything to the “split”. It is a very nice feature. I was merely trying to explain to you why it is in the mod matrix (because it is not by design a split, but a modulation by pitch)

thanks friend