How to remove preset pack?

I deleted couple of extra preset packs I’ve downloaded earlier, but they are still in Vital’s preset browser. Is there anyway to delete/remeove those preset packs from Vital’s preset browser?

You can right click on a preset to go to file in a file browser. If you delete them from your computer they shouldn’t show up but you may need to restart Vital.

This is about whole preset pack, not single preset.
I tried to right click the preset pack “Open File Location” but the preset pack is not there since I already deleted it from my computer. Also I restarted Vital several times already + also restarted my DAW several times, but those deleted preset packs are still there.

I haven’t favorited any presets from the pack or used in any songs.

Solved: the .vitalbank was also in different location and I think that was the problem (I did not realise the “import bank” creates copy of the .vitalbank under Vital folder.