How to rearrange the MIDI parameter list?


I need to rearrange the default list of the parameters for a decent use with MIDI controler and DAW.


What DAW are you using? Most have a search feature for parameters.

Thank for reply: I use Reaper. I don’t know for this feature but maybe a script can do that. I search for this kind of script.

Just press press the button that you would press when you want to make an automation envelope:

The “Filter” box is where you can type in the parameter you want to use.

Ok, this is right, but this was not the question :wink:
What I want is to reorder definitively the list in my own wishes. The reason : the MIDI controller show the parameters identically to this list. And when you must search inside of many hunderts of parameters, this is simply not viable (the controller and his soft is not able to reorder the parameters). So, if I can set my favourite parameters at the top of the list, and in my favourite order, I have direct acces tho them.

Well I don’t know of a way to do that, but you can check the “UI” box and have the knob appear on the track head, giving you constant access to specific parameters without having to to reopen vital.

Yes, and then store as track template … :slight_smile:
But the order is alway this from the default list, even you choose only some parameters, and in a different order …
That’s why I think for a script in Reaper, OR (the question in this forum) a rearrangement directly in VITAL.

I thank you anyway !

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