How to make this metallic pluck sound with Vital?

I am trying to figure out how to make this type of metallic pluck sound:
Vocaroo | Upload audio file

But I can’t get it right… It just ends up sounding too “soft”.
So any help/advices welcome :smiley:
Also, would you call this type of sound pluck or something else?

sounds like a chord, with a short decay and release, with some reverb. they probably used a custom wave form but it sounds like a softened saw or a triangle with a bit of saturation or distortion.

Thank you, I will try this advice :slight_smile:
Chord… do you mean chord like stacking midi notes on the piano roll?
Any ideas what notes/how many there are going on?

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Hand draw a complex waveform in the Wavetable editor. More harmonics will help you get a metallic sound.

Sounds like a G minor chord. Which is G-root note, Ab-the minor third (established the quality or flavour of the chord) and a D, the fifth which grounds it.

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The minor third of G would be Bb not Ab (which is the flat nine). But i guess it was a typo :slight_smile:

I’m a numpty!

just use a couple few oscillators with the same semitone steps apart as what adriandanks suggested, that would be a good start. setting up a chord sound is fun as a preset/patch, but you could also draw the chords out in the piano roll.

He’s asking how to make a metallic pluck sound.

I call it a gate.

Gated Pluck play G-minor.vital (170.3 KB) Gated Pluck play G-minor2.vital (170.5 KB)

Play with LFO1.

doesn’t really sound metallic, but to me it sounds like a horn+string sample from one of those old cheesy keyboards being triggered like percussion, and the sample is stealing one voice over and over. there seems to be a short couple of stereo slapback delays.

But the question was…

Doesn’t sound particularly metallic to me either but it does to the OP. That’s why I said create a custom complex wavetable because the extra harmonics can yield a metallic sound to begin with.

Hmm… maybe you are right, maybe it’s not really “metallic” sound after all. I’ve been trying to find tutorials for metallic sounds, and they don’t sound like this pluck really. So maybe the metallic approach is actually wrong :flushed:

It was just that I don’t know how to call this type of sound/describe it better. I just want to learn how to create this sound as in the original. When I follow tutorials for metallic sounds they don’t sound quite right. I think this original sound is more “blunt”?

it is very static in nature, no dynamics or anything, so i think it is just a chunk of PCM. it sounds like a sample more than a synth, because it sounds exactly the same every time the musician is hitting the note, and it sounds like they might have used an MPC keypad or some other kind of keypad note trigger with velocity set to a fixed amount, and single voiced, so each time they bang on the thing it retriggers that sample. and you need a stereo delay with a short delay in each side, the one on the left is a little shorter than the one on the right. the dry signal in the middle. start there, then hunt down or record a sample from some cheap general midi soundfont.